Design Services For Builders And Devlopers

We are a licensed Interior Design firm specializing in High End Residential Projects

The primary services we offer developers are as follows:

During the above process we offer our Interior Design Services to the Clients and that gives them a real feeling of having a professional working with them to create their ideal Vacation Home.

At this time we are available to provide these services in Costa Rica. Particularly that we are already planning projects in the Quepos / Dominical areas.The main idea that we have is that a Developer who is marketing their project to affluent Americans and Europeans would benefit greatly by offering their clients the services of an experienced professional Interior Design firm that is tottaly familiar with the particulars of the vacation home market.

We have proudly provided these services to:

IMG / Bollettieri Tenis Academy, Bradenton, Florida

Rosedale, a Bob Hunt development in Bradenton, Florida

Peregrene Homes, Sarasota, Florida

Water Club, Long Boat Key, Florida